Project HomeWeb tests home monitoring concept, less the middleman.

homeweb_108889664As we continue to look at problems people experience where they live (e.g. smart home and smart cities), home monitoring seemed like a great area to explore, so in October, we kicked things off with Project HomeWeb. The team evaluated products and services currently on the market, as well as looked at research that showed how people believe some of these solutions are coming up short. After conducting some research of our own, we landed on our first value proposition test, and are using Twitter ads and a product landing page to acquire reference customers to give us even more feedback, to help us define a potential offering that could be powered by Mozilla.

“Hypothesis: People want to directly monitor their home, family, belongings and pets, without the need of a middleman.”

We landed on the aforementioned hypothesis, since we believe our prospective customers are looking for a way to monitor their own homes, without having to go through a third party. They should be able to view a secure feed through not only a mobile app, but through any web-enabled device, like a mobile or desktop browser. And, not be concerned about their privacy, by having their feeds and sensor data stored in a central service.

Our test includes the following Twitter ads:

twitter-homeweb-04 twitter-homeweb-03

twitter-homeweb-02 twitter-homeweb-01

We’re excited to see how each of these ads perform against each other, and look forward to working with the survey respondents to help us define a product that empowers them to protect what’s important in their lives, as well as encompasses Mozilla’s values.

Stay tuned for an update once we conclude the study, and to learn more about Project HomeWeb, you can check out our wiki page.

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  1. Michiel de Jong wrote on :

    Interesting approach! Can you post links to the four tweets? I wanted to retweet them but only found when looking at the @ProjectHomeWeb twitter feed now – was that the winner?


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