Manel Rhaiem: Connected Devices Outreach Intern

The Project Haiku and CD Metrics Team would like to thank Manel Rhaeim for her contributions over the past summer.

Manel worked with a variety of technologies in Project Haiku, including SQL,Google BigQuery, Periscope/Re:Dash, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and programming libraries for devices such as the Particle.

Manel Rhaiem has been involved with the Mozilla project since 2012.

Manel Rhaiem was an Outreachy intern in Summer 2016 who worked on Connected Devices. During Manel’s internship, she made contributions to both the Project Haiku team and the CD Metrics team. In Project Haiku, she worked on doing data analysis for our second user research experiment. She also made contributions to a web-based prototype for the ongoing user testing and experiments.

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  1. Juan Mayne wrote on :

    Congratulations Manel Rhaiem for being as you are. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new 2017!!


  2. Andrea wrote on :

    Congratulations Manel!

    Mozilla Italia


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