June Meetup at MozSF

June CD/SF Meetup

June Connected Devices Meet Up in San Francisco

On Tuesday night we hosted the sixth CD/SF meetup. The turnout was strong like last month and the content was informative and relevant. Thanks to all the Mozillians who made it out. And special thanks to our speakers:

Morgan Fabian (Autodesk) @morganjfabian
Morgan discussed some of her recent projects: an environmental data collecting robot, a modular sensor package, controlling devices via a game engine and the latest (and ongoing) project of designing multiple connected devices that work in concert.

Video: https://air.mozilla.org/connected-devices-meetup-morgan-fabian-from-autodesk/

062016 CDSF Meetup Morgan

Willi Wu (Thermodo) @williwu | @thermodo
Willi showed us Thermodo’s first product, a tiny thermometer for mobile devices. Thermodo is being used by new parents, mountaineers, homebrewers and in different commercial industries.

Video: https://air.mozilla.org/connected-devices-meetup-will-wu-thermodo/

062016 CDSF Meetup Willi

Tomomi Imura (PubNub) @girlie_mac
Tomomi talked about her KittyCam project. This device is created using a RaspberryPi with a camera module and a motion sensor. It’s written in Node.js using the Johnny-Five and KittyDar modules. It even includes feline facial detection.

Video: https://air.mozilla.org/connected-devices-meetup-kittycam-with-tomomi/

062016 CDSF Meetup Tomomi

Call for speakers! Come share your work, hacks and ideas. We’re enrolling speakers for our next meet up in August, and you can reach us on Twitter @allthedevices if you have suggestions.

See you in August,

Reza & Lindsay
Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Connected-Devices-Meetup/

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